About the Salon

Kink + Curl

Kink + Curl is an inclusive curly specialist salon located in Dickson, Canberra. At Kink + Curl we want to help you achieve great hair everyday. We specialize in dry cutting and curly hair, but love all hair types and woud love to help no matter how you like to approach your hair. We are Curly Girl Method friendly and all methods are welcome.

Paul Anderson – Dry Cutter and Curly Specialist


Paul is the Cutting Director at Kink + Curl and one of Canberra’s leading curly cutters.

Specializing in dry cutting natural texture and curl, Paul provides a personalized, tailored approach to your hair and can help optimize your routine so you can achieve great results at home with minimal effort.

Bailey Heinebäck – Curly Stylist


Bailey is a Curly Stylist at Kink + Curl.

Passionate about all things curly, Bailey is super talented at curly cutting and styling and is all about perfectly styled curls. Hugely influenced by the Curly Girl Method, Bailey loves trying new products and helping you find the perfect stying routine.